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I am off to Uganda and the White Nile this summer with 4 mates.

Information on rafting and kayaking the White Nile is available on the newly updated kayak the nile site. There is also a good write up on the UK rivers guidebook site.

  • The Return Journey

    The Return Journey

    Our journey was never going to be simple, leaving Entebbe early we were to fly to Addis Ababa via Nairobi in order to catch the connecting flight to Heathrow via Rome. This was not going to happen quite to plan.

  • Safari


    What trip to Africa would be complete without seeing the wildlife?

  • Hairy Lemon

    Hairy Lemon

    This rather bizarrely named place is as close to paradise as I have been. An island in the middle of a quiet stretch of the Nile, a short paddle from two of the best waves in the world as well as a lifestyle to suit. Fantastic meals three times a day, bathing in the river and a distinct lack of the orange mud which characterises most of Uganda. Round it off with a few Nile Specials and you can't go wrong!

  • Nile River Explorers

    Nile River Explorers

    We spent about a week at NRE. From here you can run down to Itanda with the rafters or arrange for a boda boda to pick you up from Silverback. You can also buy beers for 50p and shots for something similar, it is a messy place of a night. Oh and don't lose the table football 9-0, you have been warned.

  • Getting There

    The Trials and Tribulations of getting to the Nile.

  • Tickets

    The tickets have arrived! I am going!