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Another place I have visited several times now with a plan to return this year is the Alps, I have paddled in the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps and am trying to produce some sort of record.

There is a photo gallery from 2004 and 2005.

My write up is somewhat incomplete at the minute :-(, hopefully I will remedy this at some point.

For information on paddling in the Alps, the standard issue guide book from rivers publishing comes in two halves, the South and North Alps. Recently updated, you would not want to be without these for Alpine paddling.

My Alps trips so far have been:

  • 2006: France
  • 2005: France, Switzerland and Austria
  • 2004: Austria and Switzerland
  • 2003: France
  • 2002: Austria and Switzerland
  • 2001: France, Switzerland, Austria
  • Chateau Queyras

    Chateau Queyras

    Short narrow grade 4 gorge, changed in the Guil floods of 2000, now has a bit of a nasty double drop at the end. Changed again for 2006, the second drop has gone and there is an extra one a little further down.

  • Ond


    The Ond is another classic Alpine grade 3.

  • Gyrond


    Nice Alpine grade 3/4, gets easier as it goes down so your get on determines how hard the run will be.

  • Lower Durance to Rabeaux

    Lower Durance to Rabeaux

    St. Clement down to what is left of the Rabeaux Wave

    A bit of playing to be had at the get in by the raft station, apart from that an easy grade 2/3.

  • Lower Durance to Embrum

    Lower Durance to Embrum

    Uneventful section, grade 2/3 with a nice wave at the get off.

  • Inn Gorge (Austria)

    The Inn Gorge, otherwise known as Imst to Haiming. The lowest interesting section of the Inn, a little way up river of Innsbruck. The lower part of this run is often done on the run out from the Lower Oetz.