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Another place I have visited several times now with a plan to return this year is the Alps, I have paddled in the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps and am trying to produce some sort of record.

There is a photo gallery from 2004 and 2005.

My write up is somewhat incomplete at the minute :-(, hopefully I will remedy this at some point.

For information on paddling in the Alps, the standard issue guide book from rivers publishing comes in two halves, the South and North Alps. Recently updated, you would not want to be without these for Alpine paddling.

My Alps trips so far have been:

  • 2006: France
  • 2005: France, Switzerland and Austria
  • 2004: Austria and Switzerland
  • 2003: France
  • 2002: Austria and Switzerland
  • 2001: France, Switzerland, Austria
  • Sanna (Austria)

    Sanna (Austria)

    The Sanna is another tributary of the Inn and joins just at the get out of the Landeck Gorge section. It has a few good grade 4 rapids and provides a fun paddle at most levels, it also has the advantage it runs straight to the Sport Camp Tirol campsite if you are staying there.

  • Guardian Angel Gorge

    A lovely grade 4+ gorge sandwiched between Chateau Queras and the Middle Guil. Never seen the angel shaped rock though.

  • Lower Guil

    Lower Guil

    Nice and Easy Grade 2/3, runs down from the Guil and confluences with the Durance just above St. Clement

  • Lower Oetz (Austria)

    A tributary of the Inn, runs into the middle of the Inn Gorge section. A quite large volume grade 4 with a worryingly terminal weir half way down to keep you on your toes. Only done this section once, would love to do it again.

  • Trisanna (Austria)

    A tributary of the Sanna, mostly a fairly tame run, but has two grade 4+ rapids. The first being the Saw Mill Cataract and the second the Falls of See, both are quite commiting rapids