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Here I will keep a rough log of my paddling in the UK. Some of this is with the university club, any photos from these trips will be on the canoe club gallery, the rest are with friends usually in the North East of England and the Borders.

  • North Tyne

    North Tyne

    The Tyne is great fun in big water, only one rapid of note, Wardens Gorge. At the right level there are some awesome play waves on this section. A huge hole in really big water too as those on Tyne Tour 2005 would have seen the start of. As it is usually paddlable in season and is only 20 mins from home I often end up doing it in low levels.

  • Allen


    Allen - Fantastic river, technical French Alpine Style grade 3/4

  • Irthing


    A really nice river north of the A69 near Carlisle. Getting in at an impressive waterfall sets the scene for a scenic and interesting paddle, fairly continuous all the way down.

  • Devil's Water

    A nice little river not far from Corbridge, doesn't quite live up to its name but fun none the less. Check the guide for details.

  • Teeside White Water Course

    Teeside White Water Course

    When there is no water anywhere else I can sometimes be persuaded to go and paddle at the white water course at the barrage on the Tees in Middlesborough. Although it is a bit shallow in places there are some reasonable features to play on and a quite munchy hole at the right levels.

  • Orchy

    A great section of river, just under an hour south of Fort William. Likened in the guidebook to the Zambezi, I don't think it quite lives up to that one, but is loads of fun none the less. Varied rapids includes two grade 5s although there is quite a bit of flat between the rapids, meaning it is a little slow on a low day. the guide