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Here I will keep a rough log of my paddling in the UK. Some of this is with the university club, any photos from these trips will be on the canoe club gallery, the rest are with friends usually in the North East of England and the Borders.

  • Wnion

    The river Wnion was not one I had heard of until I paddled it during my christmas holiday 2005. The main section of this river is a fast narrow gorge with drops, shoots and eddies galore. Fast and technical but with plenty of eddies this is a great run. Best described on the guide book.

    There are a few issues with access on this river, we had no problems this time but a group hoping to paddle the next day was chased away

  • Dee


    A river quite central to the right to roam issues with waterways, the Dee is located in North Wales, passing through the town of Llangollen. It is a river I used to paddle quite regularly at the organised tour weekends (Mike Jones Rally if you go back that far) and also as the location for the university white water racing competition. This all ended back in 2003 when landowners decided that canoeists would no longer be allowed on the river.

    The Section I normally paddle, from Horseshoe falls down to Llangollen is a nice section of white water with a couple of good rapids it is described on the uk rivers guidebook

  • Tyne at Prudhoe

    Tyne at Prudhoe

    Tyne at Prudhoe, flat water area for absolute beginners to practice on, with a small rapid under a bridge.

    This rapid disappeared during floods in the winter of 2004