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I have finally finished writing a brief account of our trip to Nepal in November 2003, you can check out the Nepal photo gallery, or look at the write ups below.

There is a variety of information about Nepal and its white water, available on the web, however for a superb guide book I suggest a look at rivers publishing and the white water Nepal guide book.

  • Bhote Kosi

    Bhote Kosi

    The Bhote Kosi, only a few hours east of Kathmandu has some spectacular white water as well as some comically named rapids. This was to be our last trip of the holiday and probably the most eventful for myself.

  • Marsyandi


    The Marsyandi or Marsyangdi is the biggest volume river we ran in Nepal, we were a bit late in the season and too short on time for the bigger rivers like the Sun Kosi. It was also a technical grade 4 for most of the run. Photos are available in the gallery. This is reputed to be one of the best white water runs in the world and I would love to have spent more time there, that was not to be however.

  • Kali Gandaki

    Kali Gandaki

    A bigger volume but easier river than the Modi, two big grade 4 rapids on the first day but mostly a grade 3 play after that. Also know as the Kali Ghandaki to the locals. Our biggest challenge on this river was to be getting back again afterwards.

    There is a photo gallery of the Kali.

  • Modi Khola

    Modi Khola

    Our second river in Nepal, a beautiful grade 4 one day into the Annapurna circuit.

    Once again there are photos from this trip.

  • Upper Seti

    Upper Seti

    Our very first Nepali river, nice grade 3 with a supposed grade 5

    There is a picture gallery for this trip.