• Lower Durance to Rabeaux

    Lower Durance to Rabeaux

    St. Clement down to what is left of the Rabeaux Wave

    A bit of playing to be had at the get in by the raft station, apart from that an easy grade 2/3.

  • 2006

    Ran this section once under duress, it isn't very exciting, although we did have fun with the seal launch half way down and playing in the Rabeuax wave was a bit of fun.

    added: 12th Jun 2006

  • 2005

    I ran this twice this year, once on our first day, 27th June, with a guy Frasier and Fi had met out here, the second time a few days later, 29th June, as the run out of the lower Guil.

    added: 27th Jun 2005

  • 2003

    Ran this section once or twice this year also.

    added: 25th Jun 2003

  • 2001

    Ran this section at least once this year.

    added: 15th Jun 2001