• Getting There

    The Trials and Tribulations of getting to the Nile.

  • Day 2 - 14th July

    Day 2 - 14th July

    With our newly fixed plane we made the next leg of the journey to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Here we got rushed to join the waiting flight for the next leg of our journey. The next leg was uneventful and after a fuel stop in Nairobi, Kenya we finally made it to Entebbe only an hour late. Here we were met by a guy sent by Jamie at kayak the Nile to give us a lift out to NRE, this was very convenient but a total rip off, I sadly cannot remember the going rate for a Matatu (small bus) to NRE as this would have been a very useful tip before we set off. We dropped the girls off at Red Chilli Hideaway near Kampala on the way and got into NRE about 9:30 in time for the rafting video from that day. Ended up staying in the bar until around 2am, which wasn't the best of ideas after such a long flight. Met up with Duncan who brought us up to speed on his holiday so far. Oh so excited and oh so scared at this point, the river looks and sounds massive from the vantage point of the bar.

    added: 14th Jul 2005

  • Day 1 - 13th July

    Day 1 - 13th July

    With Past Experience of trying to reach Heathrow, we left Sam's house in Sussex at 2 o'clock, we were about right after queuing round the M25 we made it to Heathrow for about 5. Check in didn't open till 6 so we hung around the airport. Finally got checked in, got ripped off for some food and got our plane. Landed quite heavily in Rome, out first fuel stop and the pilot announced that the radar had broken so we headed into the airport, got supplied with food and slept a few hours away.

    added: 13th Jul 2005