• Nile River Explorers

    Nile River Explorers

    We spent about a week at NRE. From here you can run down to Itanda with the rafters or arrange for a boda boda to pick you up from Silverback. You can also buy beers for 50p and shots for something similar, it is a messy place of a night. Oh and don't lose the table football 9-0, you have been warned.

  • Day 9 - 21st July

    Day 9 - 21st July

    This was our last day at NRE and we decided to spend it helping out on a local volunteer project with Softpower.
    We started at a site just up the road from NRE where they had built a pottery for the local village. Next they took us to a pre-school for aids orphans, kids who had lost at least one parent to aids. We got to play with the kids and sing along with them, they mostly climbed all over me and wanted to wear my hat and sunnies. It was great.
    Finally they drove us out to a school which needed a fresh coat of paint and gave us all the necessary tools and we set to and painted a school. It wasn't too late when we finished and we arranged for a matatu to take us down to hariy lemon island for the next stage of our trip. We got there in time to wash off the paint and have a short game of volleyball in the river.

    added: 21st Jul 2005

  • Day 8 - 20th July

    Day 8 - 20th July

    After being lazy lately we decided to tag along with the rafts again today. I took the camera and did loads of filming, paddling fine today, looks like I was just having a funky day the other day. Still didn't fancy overtime or Itanda, although Sam did the bottom bit around the bad place. We decided rafting it again would be funny especially as we had a video camera. We asked to join a raft but as it turns out there was a spare one so Sam, James and I took it down ourselves, straight into bad place. Ian filmed the wrong raft unfortunately, so no video.

    added: 20th Jul 2005

  • Day 7 - 19th July

    Another lazy day, we were late out of bed again and decided to wait until after Lunch before boating, then Ian decided to go to Jinja, then it rained and we didn't fancy walking our way back again so we just paddled across and played on the campsite wave for a couple of hours. Had enough of laziness now, time to go big.

    added: 19th Jul 2005

  • Day 6 - 18th July

    Day 6 - 18th July

    We decided to have a video day today, I wasn't feeling great so James and Sam took the video and Ian and I got to star. Typically this would be my worst boating day of the holiday. I got quite well thrashed in The Hump and gave in rolling just after I had washed out the bottom of the rapid and swam looking like a fool. Having swam once I found the g-spot on Total Gunga and swam again. I will put this day down to experience I think.

    added: 18th Jul 2005

  • Day 5 - 17th July

    Today didn't start too well, Ian and I got up at a respectable time and went to sit in the bar, eat hang over food and wait for the others to emerge. They finally got up about 11 or 12 and we all sat round feeling sorry for ourselves for a while.
    We decided that we should have a look around Jinja, the local town, and see if we could arrange a safari. We came back with the intention of running down to silverback but we were all feeling too lazy and went to the restaurant instead and ate great ribs. A guy came to arrange our safari too.

    added: 17th Jul 2005

  • Day 4 - 16th July off the river

    Day 4 - 16th July off the river

    Ice cold beers, coke and food were all laid out ready for us when we had walked up to the road. We got to ride back in open top trucks which was quite comedy as we all ended up with quality David Dickenson permatans from the orange clay. A quick shower soon sorted us out, and the showers at NRE are something special. Open at the front out onto the river the view is amazing, I saw a monkey today while having my shower.
    We spent the night in the NRE bar with all the rafters we had met during the day. The Nile Specials deteriorated into shots of all sorts of colours, you soon learn why they let you have a tab. We did some quality table dancing and general drunken fun. Great night, I have no idea what time we stumbled to bed, one girl didn't make it and got eaten my mozzys while passed out in the bar.

    added: 16th Jul 2005