• Chateau Queyras

    Chateau Queyras

    Short narrow grade 4 gorge, changed in the Guil floods of 2000, now has a bit of a nasty double drop at the end. Changed again for 2006, the second drop has gone and there is an extra one a little further down.

  • 2006

    Had a really rough morning, got on the Middle Guil but got off again fairly quickly because I was feeling really dodgy. After lunch the temptation of Chateau Q was just too much though. After all it is only a short section. Failed on the one move I intended to make and clipped the one rock in the top section which meant I did most of the first section on my tail, all good fun. The drop at the bottom of the gorge has changed again, the second drop has gone and there is an extra little drop further down. This may have been because the water levels were a lot higher than I have previously run this river. I even dobbed in on the last little drop, my first river roll since Uganda, not including playing of course.

    added: 20th Jun 2006

  • 2005

    Ran this section on the second day of our alps holiday this year, two friends of Frasier and Fi wanted to run it as their last section so we went along for the ride. The level was quite low but it was fun none the less, one of the two went in and broke his paddles on the double drop which marks the end of the narrow section.

    Also ran this a few days later when the rest had arrived, it was a bit lower but just as fun.

    added: 1st Jul 2005

  • 2003

    Ran this section for the first time, got back looped on an early wave and rolled up going backwards down a gorge too narrow to turn in. All good fun.

    Ran again, with slightly more success on the top section although ended dropping off the top drop of the double drop while trying to inspect, not bright, but turned out ok.

    added: 28th Jul 2003