• Devil's Water

    A nice little river not far from Corbridge, doesn't quite live up to its name but fun none the less. Check the guide for details.

  • June 2007

    Another after work rush to get some paddling in after a rainy June day. The river was looking pretty big from the road bridge at the get out when I got there, so it was definitely on. This river doesn't run all that often. Getting in at the top I wasn't really sure what to expect having only run this river in low water. I was not disappointed. The river starts quite steep and bouncy. Fortunately my friends ahead pulled a tree blockage out of the river by the time I reached it. There are some quite long flat sections on this river but it was flowing fast and there were occasional waves to play on. One notable rapid was blocked by a tree, last time I was here you could duck under it. Not a chance today. The walk round was a bit of a challenge, but once round I could see that I could go back up and get in just under the tree. Scrabbling back up to the tree I put my boat down on a rock and had a quick look at the rapid. A shout from my friends alerted me to the fact my boat had set off and was running the rapid alone. They pulled it out for me but after that I decided not to walk back up again. Seemed a bit like tempting fate. The rest was all fun, excepting the wear which is an absolute must walk.

    added: 14th Jun 2007

  • Jan '07

    The river was about as low as I would like to run it. Still passable but could definitely be better. Still had a good day though as it was my first ever run of this river.

    added: 19th Jan 2007