• Bhote Kosi

    Bhote Kosi

    The Bhote Kosi, only a few hours east of Kathmandu has some spectacular white water as well as some comically named rapids. This was to be our last trip of the holiday and probably the most eventful for myself.

  • 21st Nov - Last Day

    21st Nov - Last Day

    Had a quiet and somewhat subdued day today, our last in Nepal. We had a late breakfast and relaxed in one of the rooftop restaurants. Got our films processed and wandered Kathmandu a little. All in all an amazing holiday, although I could have managed without the swim.

    added: 21st Nov 2003

  • 20th Nov - Upper Bhote Kosi

    20th Nov - Upper Bhote Kosi

    Up bright and early for a day that was graded hardest out of all we had done so far. It was at this point I made a mistake, I had spent much of this holiday getting annoyed with my contact lenses for trying to wash out at inappropriate moments and blinding me at the beginning of long rapids. It was with this in mind that I decided I was far better off without. My eyesight is not as good as I hoped.
    The major rapids on this river were big and challenging, someone had great fun naming these rapids too, Forg in the Blender, Gerbil in the Plumbing, Exlax, Great Wall and Carnal Knowledge of a devious nature all turn up on this excellent section. I started the day out well although it was quite hard to keep track of the safety boaters who were leading us down. On the second or third major rapid the river divided in two and there was a kayaking line and a rafting line, I took the wrong one by mistake. I understood quickly why it was for rafts, there were basically three consecutive pour overs (~8-10ft vertical drops). It is amazing how hard you can paddle when a raft looms 10ft above your head. This was the first time today my eyesight contributed to a potentially bad situation, but not the last.
    On the last major rapid of the day, in fact last of the holiday, just before lunch, I had a bit of a mishap. I had run the majority of the rapid and though it was over and so relaxed and drifted towards my friends at the side of the river missing the horizon line in front of me until it was too late. I dropped over a small drop into a hole and started pulling an array of impressive tricks none of which involved me getting my head up. I soon realised I was not coming out in my boat so I ditched it, this did not really help the situation very much, I just started going round and round underwater. Just as I was starting to think about what you are supposed to do in these situations apart from panic I managed to break the surface and get a breath of air, fortunately a raft came passed just at that moment and one of the guides had the foresight to hold out his paddle to me. I was pulled clear by the raft, once they realised they had to paddle as I was pulling them back in with me. Not having the energy to help myself I was dragged into the raft and lay recovering on the bottom of the raft for some time. I banged my knee on something but apart from that I was ok, very shaken up though. I stayed in the raft till lunch and although I managed to paddle in the afternoon somewhat tentatively it was not the best end to the trip.
    We headed back to Kathmandu that afternoon and decided that it wasn't far to walk from the drop off point to our hotel, this would be fine if we knew the way. We got quite lost for a while and then gave in and hired rickshaws, carrying kayaks on rickshaws was an entertaining game especially as the drivers put them on sideways and then tried to drive down the streets knocking over stalls and stuff on the way. We sorted it out and paid the rickshaw guys well for the entertainment value, well being about 30p. A massive pizza and a few beers later I was definitely ready for bed.

    added: 20th Nov 2003

  • 19th Nov - Lower Bhote Kosi

    19th Nov - Lower Bhote Kosi

    After a bit of a heavy night last night, ending in the quality 'fire club' in Thamel, or fight club as it is locally known, I dragged myself up and onto the rafting bus for the Bhote Kosi.
    The Bhote Kosi is a two day river and the lower day is much easier than the first so the plan for today was to do the lower and play at the wave where the Nepal rodeo is to be held.
    Although it wasn't the most challenging section there were loads of boaters and rafters to make it entertaining and the wave was a bit of fun even if it was a bit harsh. We spent the night at the borderlands resort which was a bit of a luxury.

    added: 19th Nov 2003