• Orchy

    A great section of river, just under an hour south of Fort William. Likened in the guidebook to the Zambezi, I don't think it quite lives up to that one, but is loads of fun none the less. Varied rapids includes two grade 5s although there is quite a bit of flat between the rapids, meaning it is a little slow on a low day. the guide

  • Jan 2007

    Ran the first section of this river on our way home from Roy Bridge, didn't run the second half as I spent the morning trying to sort out a puncture in a transit van. Ended up having to empty the van of all it contents, ie boats, and change the wheel. Anyway, the run was good, I even did Easan Dubha, the first grade 5. We got off there however as darkness was approaching.

    added: 28th Jan 2007