• BUSA Polo 2007

    The national student championships are coming up again. We have much the same team as last year so could do very well. It is my final year and I would really like to break into the top 4.

  • Day 2

    Day 2

    Revelling in our victory over Loughborough we were a little worried to learn we had to face Oxford again first thing having lost to them yesterday. A couple of early goals saw us through 3-1. We strolled through the semi to face reigning champions of several years now Nottingham.
    We started expecting a tough game and we weren't disappointed but an early opportunity gave us an opportunity at an open goal which was sadly lost under the pressure of the game. Nottingham put a long shot in which we just couldn't return despite our best efforts. A silver medal and such a close game is a great way to finish my last BUSA. This was especially after we watched the B-team and girls team win their leagues.

    added: 22nd Apr 2007

  • Day 1

    Day 1

    We did not start the weekend well scraping through our first game and then losing our second to Oxford. At the start of our third game it looked like we could come top of our league if only we could win 10-0. Eleven goals later we thought we were on for the top place in our league, however a goal was disallowed in another match and we went through second.
    We knew this would make our draw tougher and so it did. Chance for a grudge match against Loughborough who had knocked us out for the last two years. We pulled it together for this game and walked away with a 1-0 victory and went to the party to celebrate a job well done.

    added: 21st Apr 2007