• Teeside White Water Course

    Teeside White Water Course

    When there is no water anywhere else I can sometimes be persuaded to go and paddle at the white water course at the barrage on the Tees in Middlesborough. Although it is a bit shallow in places there are some reasonable features to play on and a quite munchy hole at the right levels.

  • C1 Playing

    C1 Playing

    I have been down to Teeside more this year than I ever have before, mainly because I now have a C1 session playboat which makes the whole experience much more interesting. I have a great time and am managing some cool moves in my little boat

    added: 16th May 2007

  • BUSA Slalom 2007

    BUSA Slalom 2007

    After buying a C1 playboat in September I am much more confident at C1 and C2 so was hoping for some good results. I was not disappointed, my K1 time put me in 21st of 136 and I was one of the top unranked paddlers. I jumped in the C1 for the mixed team event and with Emily Bayne and Jennifer Orr got a silver medal.
    The second day started with a polo tournament which Newcastle stormed through. The C1 and C2 event was today and I did well in C1 getting 8th place, again one of the top unranked times. C2 went very well, paddling with Chris Browell I earned another silver medal and narrowly missed out on a gold against far more experienced slalom paddlers. To cap off the weekend Newcastle won the event again.
    Details can be found on the BUSA Slalom website

    added: 11th Feb 2007

  • BUSA Slalom 2006

    My second go at slalom after last year's student event. I didn't do very well in the mens K1, finishing 43rd out of 107. After my success at C2 last year my first ever try of a C1 on moving water placed me 13th out of 17 which wasn't bad and 10th out of 14 in C2 was a bit of a let down after last year. The uni won overall though which was very pleasing.

    added: 1st Mar 2006

  • BUSA Slalom 2005

    My first go at Slalom proved fairly successful, I finished 26th out of 82 finishers in the mens K1 event and 8th out of 16 in the team event. I decided to have a go at C2 and won myself a bronze medal for the trouble despite a time of over 10mins. The uni came 7th overall. Details can be found on the BUSA Slalom website

    added: 3rd Feb 2005