• Preparation


    The preparation needed for a trip of this type is not simple. Knowing some friends who have been already does help the situation but there is plenty to do.

  • Outdoor Equipment

    I needed quite a bit of new kit for the kind of multi-day kayaking we were hoping to do. For general outdoor kit a company based in Newcastle helped us out giving us money off the equipment we needed.

    added: 3rd Jun 2007

  • Boating Kit

    Powerhouse Marine in Newcastle helped us with boating kit for the expedition.

    added: 2nd Jun 2007

  • Flights


    Booking a flight on which you can take a kayak is not a simple task. Many airlines have rules stating they simply do not take kayaks. It is possible to get around this by putting your kayak in a bag and claiming it is a surf board or wind surf. This is a risky idea though and not recommended.
    My friends who went last year flew from Paris with Air Madagascar, however when we came to look for flights all these were gone on the dates we wanted. After much searching we have found BA flights to Mauritius and then Air Mad flights from there to Antananarivo in Madagascar.
    British Airways are well known for being kayak friendly and allow all passengers a sports equipment weight allowance. We have been unable to get any real confirmation out of Air Madagascar, however we do know they flew kayaks last year from Paris and they haven't said no so fingers crossed we should be ok.

    added: 29th May 2007