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    What trip to Africa would be complete without seeing the wildlife?

  • Day 17 - 29th July - Kampala

    Day 17 - 29th July - Kampala

    We needed a few things and thought we would look round Kampala this morning. After the initial entertainment of markets selling clothes and intestines we headed up to Sanyu Babies Home, an orphanage trying their best for the kids of Kampala. We got taken on a tour and bought a few items in the craft shop with the last of our money. We need to be at the airport by 4am tomorrow so our plan is to sit in the bar at the Red Chilli Hideaway until we get kicked out and then get a matatu to the airport.

    added: 29th Jul 2005

  • Day 16 - 28th July - The Trek

    Day 16 - 28th July - The Trek

    After a short briefing our guide disappeared into the forest down a narrow path. Regular paths criss crossed each other breaking up the dense forest. We turned this way and that following the guide in the hope he knew where he was going. After a few minutes we stopped and listened carefully, a distant call told us we might yet get to see the Chimps today. Another few minutes zig-zagging down narrow pathways and we stopped to listen again. They were much closer this time calling to each other through the trees. We sped up down a path in the direction of the noise. At the next junction we stopped to look and listen again. No calling this time, but a crash of something moving through the undergrowth made me turn in time to see a Chimp dart across the path 50m from us, closely followed by three others. Following the direction they were heading in we saw them cross the path again and then lost them in the forest.
    Our guide knew exactly where they were heading though and we dived off the track and through the forest in pursuit. Suddenly we stopped; movement in the canopy above caught my eye. A large tree, sat slightly on its own, branches swaying as our chimps swung themselves up to settle themselves in the canopy. The bright African sun shone down through the branches, blinding after the darkness of the dense forest. We stood round, watching, photographing and talking in quite voices while the chimps relaxed high above. All the photos show nothing but silhouettes, can you stop the chimps? Eventually calls from elsewhere in the forest disturbed the chimp's morning; down they came disappearing off into the forest once more. Returning to the camp we had been out little more than an hour but quite an hour it had been.
    Our journey back to Kampala was a wet one and great puddles had formed across the roads in the capital making for a challenging drive back to the Red Chilli Hideaway.

    added: 28th Jul 2005

  • Day 16 - 28th July - Chimp Trekking

    Day 16 - 28th July - Chimp Trekking

    We got to our new accommodation yesterday afternoon and were quickly warned to check the toilet for big hairy poisonous spiders before use. We are in the middle of a huge area of forest in the hope of finding some Chimpanzees. We read the log book from previous visitors while we cooked and enjoyed our evening, most had really enjoyed their walk and thought the guides were very good. A good number however had to walk for hours to see the chimps and a good many more walked for several hours without seeing any. Apparently Chimps are active first thing so we were up early once again and hopeful about seeing some chimps if a little apprehensive about how long it might take.

    added: 28th Jul 2005

  • Day 15 - 27th July - Murchison from the Top

    Day 15 - 27th July - Murchison from the Top

    After our morning boat ride, we were dropped off at 'Nile Safari Camp' a little resort facing the river. Out breakfast was provided by the swimming pool overlooking the river. Elephants and Hippos came and went from the river below us as we idled a few hours splashing in the pool and relaxing. After a bit of lunch we went up to the top of Murchison Falls to take a look. Walking along the path to the falls, being typical boaters we decided that the lead in rapid would go but missing the last break out would not be good. This close to the fall we were soaked in seconds, great clouds of spray billowed up out of the narrow canyon at irregular intervals. Looking down into the falls you see a turbulent cauldron of exploding water, often obscured by the spray. After some minutes of astounded staring, scrabbling around to see from different angles and some vain attempts to find a line that would 'go' down the falls we reluctantly set off to get to our next venue.

    added: 27th Jul 2005

  • Day 15 - 27th July - Murchison Falls

    Day 15 - 27th July - Murchison Falls

    We could hear it long before we caught our first glimpse of Murchison Falls and it was astonishing even at such a distance. The entire volume of the White Nile, something we had spent two weeks learning to comprehend and respect, piles through a gap barely wider than a single track road and plummets a height of 44m. Although not the tallest waterfall the power of the water being forced through such a tight space is a sight to behold. We weren't able to get very near the falls in the boat but we were close enough to be soaked to the skin and needing to shout over the noise.

    added: 27th Jul 2005

  • Day 15 - 27th July - Boat Trip

    Day 15 - 27th July -  Boat Trip

    Up early again this morning to hopefully get a boat trip in. Actually we did really well out of it in the end. Instead of going on the big boat with everyone else, they took us out on the smaller launch with just the 5 of us. It was an incredible morning, James and I climbed onto the seats on the roof of the boat and we watched the wildlife all around us. Huge groups of Hippo lazed around in the water near the banks, the occasional crocodile was soaking up the heat from the morning sun or swimming lazily, eyes and nose just visible above the water. Many birds lined the banks too including the impressive fish eagle.

    added: 27th Jul 2005