• The Return Journey

    The Return Journey

    Our journey was never going to be simple, leaving Entebbe early we were to fly to Addis Ababa via Nairobi in order to catch the connecting flight to Heathrow via Rome. This was not going to happen quite to plan.

  • Day 19 - 31st July - Home, We Hope

    Day 19 - 31st July - Home, We Hope

    We were finally taken to the Marriott in Addis Ababa at about 3 O'clock yesterday with a voucher for a bed and three meals each. The hotel proved to be a bit of a trial as well, lunch had finished when we got there and we hadn't eaten since breakfast on the plane. We each had a bath, which we discovered emptied all over the bathroom floor. For dinner we were treated to chicken and chips and one drink. Attempts to buy water were thwarted by lack of local currency, credit cards only being accepted in one hotel in Addis Ababa, not this one.
    The picture shows us sitting around outside our hotel waiting for a lift back to the airport, the palms you can see reflected in the windows are plastic and shine in many colours at night, it is a classy look.
    Back at the airport after refusing $200 in vouchers for the offending airline as compensation, we got a flight home, coming back via Cairo.

    added: 31st Jul 2005

  • Day 18 - 30th July - Airport Terminals

    Having spent about 4 hours preceding check in trying to sleep on the airport floor we were not impressed to get up only to find that our plane was stuck in Nairobi due to fog. Having sat around Entebbe airport for a few hours more, we were finally allowed to check in. After the usual sitting around in the bland featureless departure lounge we were allowed out onto the tarmac. Our confidence in our airline was further improved when we were asked to point out which luggage was ours before getting on the plane.
    The flight to Nairobi and on to Addis Ababa ran smoothly but we did not catch up time and upon arriving in Addis Ababa I was sure they would have held the ongoing flight for us. Others, not so sure were running round trying to find the connection. Eventually we were all directed to wait by the airline kiosk for more information. After an hour or so, it was all starting to blend into one big airport terminal nightmare by this stage, sitting around the airport we guessed our connecting flight had gone and we were stuck in Addis Ababa. We had no clue how long we were stuck for and when someone finally came over to us it was to ask for our passports and answer no questions at all. Around 6 hours after we had landed our passports were returned to us and stamped with a one day Ethiopian VISA. We were to be shipped out to a hotel for the night. Sorry for the lack of photos but I was in no mood for recording any of this day for posterity.

    added: 30th Jul 2005