• Getting To Madagascar

    Getting To Madagascar

    A short diary of the journey to Madagascar and the build up to reaching our first Malagasy river.

  • A day in Tana

    A day in Tana

    We had a day in Tana to kill before we went off for our first river. The great food we ate while there was to set the scene for the rest of the holiday, well at least while not on the river anyway. We didn't have time to shop around for breakfast so we grabbed what they had in the hotel which was a croissant, some biscottes and a baguette with jam, chocolate sauce, sugar, butter and a hot drink for the mighty price of 4000 Ariary, just over 1.
    We had a few things to sort out so we headed into town to get cash, food for the trip and go through the administrative maze which was involved in sending a parcel. We did a bit of sight seeing up around the Queen's Palace and learned a little more history of Madagascar. Also ate lots of ice cream and pizza for dinner.

    added: 3rd Aug 2007

  • Next Flight. 2nd Aug

    Next Flight. 2nd Aug

    The overnight flight from Heathrow brought us out on a bright new morning on the beautiful Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Feeling a little worse for drink we could nothing but lounge around the airport grounds enjoying the sunshine, such a challenging start to the holiday!
    We checked into our Air Madagascar flights early and got waived on despite an extra 20Kg. Dodging the large quantity of birds which swooped around the airport (a little more impressive than pigeons!) we made our way to the gate. We got to see the boats loaded which was reassuring. It is only a short trip across the Indian Ocean; finally, we had reached the red island, Madagascar!
    Immigration was fun, especially with the kayaks but we made it through in the end. We were met by a cheerful guy called Joe who was to paddle with us for a little while. A couple of the group showed their inexperience by letting someone help carry their stuff at the airport. We dropped off out boats at Giles' place as he was sorting out all our transport and stuff and headed into Tana (Antananarivo) to meet up with the girls who had been out there doing their medical elective. A large Zebu (beef) kebab later we returned to the hotel for a much needed shower and bed.

    added: 2nd Aug 2007

  • First Plane, Aug 1st

    First Plane, Aug 1st

    It was cloudy and grey in Newcastle this morning when I was dropped off at the airport, just as we had come to expect of Britain this summer. It is a good year to get away! Still trying to remember what I might have forgotten I checked in, even the boat was easy, of course BA were a great airline for sports equipment in those days.
    It was only a 50 min flight down to Heathrow and I had plenty of time to cross the airport. The next leg was somewhat longer, we flew down across Africa and even over Madagascar en route to Mauritius, we may have had a drink or two on the way too.

    added: 1st Aug 2007