• Inn Gorge (Austria)

    The Inn Gorge, otherwise known as Imst to Haiming. The lowest interesting section of the Inn, a little way up river of Innsbruck. The lower part of this run is often done on the run out from the Lower Oetz.

  • 2005

    We ran this section twice this year, the first time was quite low but still bouncy and fun, the second time was really low, nothing coming out of the dam as it was a weekend and the Oetz was not flowing either, which we had planned on doing. This meant the fun to be had at Silz was somewhat limited. A Ranchero at Crazy Eddies soon cheered me up however.

    added: 10th Jul 2005

  • 2004

    We ran this section several times this year, it is one of my favourite sections in Austria, it is neither difficult nor technical just big and bouncy. Nice if you are looking for an easy day, plus you can play down at Silz.

    We ran down to Silz for a bit of a play by Crazy Eddie's bar and for some of that Crazy Eddies food and action, unfortunately we missed the motorcycle display this year. Also jumped off the bridge at Haiming once again.

    added: 3rd Aug 2004

  • 2002

    We ran this section once or twice back in 2002, at least once on the way out of the Oetz. Played at Crazy Eddies a few times, they had a rope hanging from the bridge which you could hang on to and surf the wave. Stayed after for the excellent meat platter (the Ranchero) and watched a motorcycle display of huge jumps and one or two failed landings. I jumped off the top of the humped back bridge at Haiming this year, it was very high.

    added: 8th Aug 2002

  • 2001

    I seem to remember running this section a couple of times that year, the first time it is really intimidating but after that, when I was less worried about what might be round the corner it was great.

    added: 20th Jun 2001