• Modi Khola

    Modi Khola

    Our second river in Nepal, a beautiful grade 4 one day into the Annapurna circuit.

    Once again there are photos from this trip.

  • Day 3 - Nov 7th

    Day 3 - Nov 7th

    Up and away at a ridiculous hour but, once on the water, it was once again fantastic paddling. The gradient had dropped a bit compared to the first day but it didn't take long to get down to the dam. We walked up to the road and waited around for a bus to take us down to the powerhouse. A bus turned up before too long and we got all the boats on the roof, the bus set off the moment the last of us, me, was clinging to the ladder on the back. We tied the boats down and spent the journey on the roof rack. We got off at the powerhouse and walked down to the river, not before we removed the selection of leaches we had picked up from the walk round the dam. The river was getting easier but was still very entertaining and well worth the trip. At the bottom we dragged ourselves up to the road and waited for a bus back to Pokara. It didn't take long and we once again spent the journey on the roof, it has its advantages, fresh air, staggering scenery and its disadvantages, like sitting on wooden slats for 3 hours and the assortment of trees and electrical cables slung across the road at around head height. Now there is something you don't get to do often back home.

    added: 7th Nov 2003

  • Day 2 - Nov 6th

    Day 2 - Nov 6th

    Really good paddle down, I was a little scared at the start but soon got into it. Good grade 4 all the way, feeling a little better too. Stopped for lunch on a little rocky beach and had a short kip. Got off the water about 3.30 in Birethanti and found ourselves somewhere to stay. Definitely an awesome way to spend a birthday, although a little lacking on cake.

    added: 6th Nov 2003

  • Day 1 - Nov 5th

    Day 1 - Nov 5th

    The Modi Khola runs along side the start of the Annapurna circuit and then down through a power station and eventually ends at a confluence with the Kali Ghandaki. We set off from Pokara early on a bus with the Equator raft company on their way to the Kali Gandaki. We also got 4 porters for the trek that was to come, this cost 400RHS per day (about 4). We trekked a day up the river to the 'old bridge', this proved quite hard work, especially as my stomach was still trying to get used to the local food. I am certainly glad I wasn't carrying my boat, it was quite a light load for our porters so I didn't feel too guilty. Had the traditional Dhal Bhatt for dinner, which is rice and lentil soup usually with a little curried vegetables. It was just after dinner that we had our first encounter with the Nepali Maoists, a nice old man came down to the tea house where we were staying and explained ,with translation from our porters, that as they had closed down the trekking permit checkpoint. He was therefore collecting half the price of a government permit for the Maoists instead (1000RHS). We explained that this was as far as we were going and therefore this was a bit expensive, he agreed and gave us 50% off. We each got a nice receipt and told to show this to anyone else who stopped us, not that we saw any other Maoists on this trip that I know of.

    added: 5th Nov 2003