• Allen


    Allen - Fantastic river, technical French Alpine Style grade 3/4

  • July 2007

    The 1st of July and I am out boating again, this summer rain provides some great paddling. Had a great day on the Allen, managed to fit in the Irthing and a house party in too. Not a bad day.

    added: 1st Jul 2007

  • June 2007

    Rather bizarrely I have run the Allen twice, in June! Good levels both times too. First time, I had already run the Tyne and played on the wave there for a while, all after work so it was about 830 when I got on the Allen still in short sleeves. The river was quite high, I have probably only run it a couple of times higher. I was in my new boat so I had lots of fun trying it out on waves and ferry gliding and general silliness. The second was on a Saturday, there were quite a few boaters around and although the river was significantly lower it was still fun, I did quite a bit of playing to get used to my new boat ready for Madagascar.

    added: 16th Jun 2007

  • Jan 2007

    Ran the Allen once again this weekend. It was a nice medium level, some great eddy challenges to be had. Apart from having to run the shuttle twice to get a spray deck, it was a great day.

    added: 20th Jan 2007

  • November 2006

    Drove to the Allen again, this time I was assured it had been huge the night before and was slightly concerned because I only had my C1 with me. It turned out to be medium / low but at least runnable. It was actually quite a fun and exciting trip in the C1 I even fell in once or twice and have some good bruises and scrapes on my hand to prove it.

    added: 19th Nov 2006

  • October 2006

    Drove to the Allen again, this time after 3 days of rain, still no water

    added: 20th Oct 2006

  • September 2006

    Drove to the Allen after a good days rain, it was completely empty.

    added: 21st Sep 2006