• North Tyne

    North Tyne

    The Tyne is great fun in big water, only one rapid of note, Wardens Gorge. At the right level there are some awesome play waves on this section. A huge hole in really big water too as those on Tyne Tour 2005 would have seen the start of. As it is usually paddlable in season and is only 20 mins from home I often end up doing it in low levels.

  • July 2007

    July 2007

    Having looked at the Tyne on the way home last night and seen that it was huge, I was slightly disappointed that it had dropped quite a bit, however it wasn't far off 4m on the gauge which is always a good sign. Ended up spending hours at the wave at the bottom of Warden Gorge surfing endlessly. Great way to spend an evening.

    added: 2nd Jul 2007

  • Jun 2007

    We had been having some pretty serious rain for June and I was starting to wonder if the rivers might be up. Sure enough my phone soon started beeping and it appeared that there was quite a bit of water around. I managed to dive away from work at 4 and get home and be out of the house with my boat by 5. A couple of mates were already there and were walking up to the wave at the bottom of Tyne gorge for a play. Jimmy and I went up to Chollerford and ran down to meet them at the wave. We played there for a while until one guy had to leave. It was about 730, so we decided that as it was June we could go and run the Allen summer boating is great!

    added: 13th Jun 2007

  • Dec 2006

    I have run the Tyne a couple of times this month, it has been at a reasonable medium level both times. There keeps being huge Thursday and Friday boating to be had then very little on Saturday, hence the Tyne again.

    added: 19th Dec 2006

  • Tyne Tour 2006

    Tyne Tour once again!
    I had a fun weekend at Hexham with a bit of paddling and ceilidhing and general fun. Paddled duo both days with a beginner in the front. Tried paddling down the gorge backwards and getting the person in the front to film others following us, with varying results.

    added: 6th Nov 2006

  • Mar 2006

    I have done the Tyne twice this week, the first time was at a medium / low level and was a pleasant day out. The second was at quite a high level, the gorge was huge and bouncy and the wave at the bottom was forming a quite retentive hole, a similar level to the Sunday of Tyne Tour last year. I had a few goes on the wave, got quite worked in the hole once and eventually gave in as I had to walk back up each time I came off the wave. I was on the river for about 5 hours in the end, an excellent days paddle.

    added: 19th Mar 2006

  • Jan 2006

    Went for a new year paddle with a large number of friends one Sunday in January, I would like to say it is the lowest I have ever done the Tyne but that is probably not true. This would have been a poor day had it not been very sociable.

    added: 6th Jan 2006