• Nov 4th - Upper Seti

    Nov 4th - Upper Seti

    This river was easy to organise, we simply got two taxis from Pokara to drop us off at the top and meet us at the bottom later. There were large crowds of people as we approached the river, talking to the taxi driver it turned out to be a huge river festival where everyone was going to be down by the river, he also told us they would not mind us being there. I can't say the drive up did the cars a lot of good but we made it in one piece. The river started off nice and easy, medium volume grade 3. There is one major rapid, supposedly grade 5, was probably not more than a 4 on the day we were there. That didn't stop me needing to roll on the way down however.
    At the bottom of the main rapid we found the river festival, the banks, bridge and right up to the horizon was crowded with people. The river was full of flower petals and decorations and the older children were playing in and around the water. We stayed for a short time and it was an incredible experience, but didn't want to interfere too much. It made for an amazing day out and we were back in Pokara by dinner time.

    added: 4th Nov 2003