• Kali Gandaki

    Kali Gandaki

    A bigger volume but easier river than the Modi, two big grade 4 rapids on the first day but mostly a grade 3 play after that. Also know as the Kali Ghandaki to the locals. Our biggest challenge on this river was to be getting back again afterwards.

    There is a photo gallery of the Kali.

  • 12th Nov - Day 4

    The bus turned up and we made our way back to Pokara, I was quite ill today, it was probably that dodgy chicken we had last night. Simon and Roy have sorted out a trip to the Marsyangdi for tomorrow. It is supposed to be one of the best rivers in the world, wish I felt a bit up for it.

    added: 12th Nov 2003

  • 11th Nov - Day 3

    Fairly flat paddle today, and seemed to go on for ages, dribbled the volley ball down most of it. The get out is at a dam so you have to paddle across the lake created by the dam to get out. Slight difficulty when we got there, no bus. We sat around and played some volleyball until someone lost it over the dam, still no bus, we finally found out that the Moaists had blocked the roads again and the bus isn't going to come until tomorrow. We had dinner at a random persons house up the road, not sure about the quality of the chicken, the dahl bhat was pretty good though.

    added: 11th Nov 2003

  • 10th Nov - Day 2

    10th Nov - Day 2

    Much easier paddling today, quite a few play holes and waves, could probably have used some more water though. I had a few good surfs though, and washed off a few more. A long day generally, really ready for lunch when it came. Mostly a non-event really, but at least we had the rafters to keep us amused.

    added: 10th Nov 2003

  • 9th Nov - Day 1

    9th Nov - Day 1

    We had a few problems with our hotel manager last night, he had a bit of a go because he had arranged for us to go with Lotus Rafting for $20 a day and we went and saw Charlie in the kayak shop who arranged the same trip for $10. That and he was pissed, apparently there was a full moon party last night. We missed it unfortunately

    The coach was being loaded outside our hotel which made things easy and we got away quickly. Lunch was had at the get in which was a civilised affair with the rafting company setting up a great spread. The first two rapids, Big Brother and Little Brother, were big water, big holes and big rocks, great fun. The rafts went down without too much problem, we rescued one guy and someone else's paddle and that was about it. To be honest those two rapids were the exciting section of this river and they were done with fairly quick. There was some OK grade 3 to follow though. All was good until the kit raft got stuck at the top of a tiny rapid. It took over two hours of faff to get the raft off, by which stage I was off downstream collecting a variety of bits and pieces which had fallen out. It didn't take long after that to reach the get out for the day just below the confluence of the Modi Khola. We did get an excellent dinner and the tents I had been lent by Terra Nova and Mountain Hardware were spot on for the job.

    added: 9th Nov 2003

  • 8th Nov - Rest Day

    8th Nov - Rest Day

    Spent the day in Pokara, organised our next trip, had a few beers and watched the rugby (world cup). Pokara is a great place to hang out, much more pleasant than Kathmandu. You can sit in a bar at lunch and watch the guys on the lake fish for your tea, bring it up to the street on a scooter, dump it in the road and then haggle with the chef before it gets taken inside.
    We are heading out tomorrow to the Kali Gandaki with Lotus Rafting. We are paying $10 a day each for them to carry our kit and feed us. In return we will need to baby sit the rafts down the more difficult sections.

    added: 8th Nov 2003