• Marsyandi


    The Marsyandi or Marsyangdi is the biggest volume river we ran in Nepal, we were a bit late in the season and too short on time for the bigger rivers like the Sun Kosi. It was also a technical grade 4 for most of the run. Photos are available in the gallery. This is reputed to be one of the best white water runs in the world and I would love to have spent more time there, that was not to be however.

  • 18th Nov - Tourist Day

    18th Nov  - Tourist Day

    We decided to spend today seeing the sites of Kathmandu. We started by walking out to Swayambu (the monkey temple). It was an impressive building on top of a hill with a commanding view of Kathmandu which would have been lovely but for the smog. It was a rather bizarre mix of Buddhism and Hinduism which made this place somewhat unique. You can find this place on Google Maps. Next we headed over to Dhurbar Square, this was an area of historic buildings, and temples with some impressive architecture and intricate carvings. We did not spend long here and feeling as though we had had enough culture for one day went to the cinema. Rounded the day off with what set out to be a few beers in Tom and Jerry's bar and ended in the 'fire club' or fight club as it is know locally.

    added: 18th Nov 2003

  • 17th Nov - Rest Day

    17th Nov - Rest Day

    Our planned trip to the Bhote Kosi with Equator got cancelled due to lack of punters on the rafts, we are therefore spending today in Kathmandu shopping and resting, tomorrow we are going to see the sites and we will get over to the Bhote the day after with luck. Wandered through Thamel, doing a bit of shopping, checked my e-mails and returned to the hotel for some rest. A quiet day for a change.

    added: 17th Nov 2003

  • 16th Nov - Transport Day

    16th Nov - Transport Day

    I slept quite well last night after the rigours of yesterday, caught the bus to Kathmandu at 9:30 and finally arrived at around 4 to check back into our now familiar hotel. Hours of hindi films on a crowded bus is something to be experienced. It is highly amusing for the first couple of hours, this journey was a bit long for travelling on the roof though.

    added: 16th Nov 2003

  • 15th Nov - Day 2

    15th Nov - Day 2

    We were up early this morning but didn't get away until about 9.30. We had a really nice morning paddle, a couple of hours of really nice water lead us to the site of the dam under construction, some more really nice white water brought us down to the power house shortly after which we took a break for lunch. A few good rapids were to be had after lunch including one which could have gone badly wrong, but I got away with. It started to level out before too long however and the rapids quickly turned from 4s to 3s and down to mostly 2s. There was a really nice play wave at one point in the bottom 41km of uninteresting water, but we were too tired and had too far to go to spend that much time there. Fortunately we are staying at the get out because I wouldn't have made it much further today. This was a spectacular river but I would recommend doing it slower or just not doing the lower section.

    added: 15th Nov 2003

  • 14th Nov - Day 1

    14th Nov - Day 1

    Got up and walked our own kit up to Bhule Bhule this morning. The river gets harder the further you go, but we didn't have lots of time and the going was not that easy carrying all our kit so we compromised at Bhule Bhule. I am certainly glad we got porters for the Modi Khola. It was quite a trek and I was tired when we got there. It took me a while to get into my boating after the get on, was starting to get there when we came across the first big rapid requiring inspection. That one woke me up and was soon enjoying a series of really nice rapids. Got off in Bensishar and had another good walk up to the town. This was a really good days boating, a good distance too, we were able to take our time but still got loads done. Tomorrow could be a little different, we are doing 40km, a stretch which it is recommended you take at least 2 days over.

    added: 14th Nov 2003

  • 13th Nov - Travelling Day

    13th Nov - Travelling Day

    We were up stupidly early this morning, although I was feeling a little better. We got a taxi over to the bus station with the thought of getting a bus to the get off of the Marsyangdi as it is on route from Pokara to Kathmandu. however we ended up deciding it would be much easier to just take the taxi all the way, it cost us 2800RHS for the journey about 30, not bad as it took most of the day. We also got all the way up to Bensisahar and the taxi driver got us through the trekking checkpoint without paying as we were not actually going into the trekking area, well not much. At Besishahar we hired a 4x4 for another 800RHS which took us a little further up the river to Khudi. Here we found a nice place to stay and wandered up the river a little way. We are thinking of getting in further up the river, however we do not have much cash left and porters are expensive around here.

    added: 13th Nov 2003