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I have recently bought a Seat Ibiza and am trying to improve the sound system on a budget.

My intention is to have a socket so that I can plug in my iRiver mp3 player.

My car is a 1999 V reg Seat Ibiza, the stereo is a Grundig 5201 RDS.

The manual for my stereo tells me it is possible to plug a CD player into the Multi changer socket. I found a circuit diagram on the web for an earlier version of the radio and have adapted this for my stereo.

I now have a 3.5mm Stereo Socket in the car which can be selected as the 'AUX' source on the stereo.



Any modifications you do to your car or stereo are your own responsibility. I have set out here the method I used to modify my car and stereo. I recommend you have some soldering experience and be happy with basic electronics. If you do plan on using my experience as a basis for modifying your own car please read my site thoroughly before starting.

Warning!! Always disconnect the battery negative lead before handling any of your cars electrical components.

  • 1 - Parts List

    Following is a list of the parts I needed to make the adaptor

  • 2 - Stereo

    The stereo I have is a Grundig 5201 RDS, I found from the instructions that this has an AUX mode which can be used to plug in an ordinary CD player or mp3 player.

    Here I show how I removed the stereo, the connector that I used and the position of the connector

  • 3 - Wiring

    Here I describe which wires from the stereo go to where.

  • 4 - Finishing

    Fitting the socket to the dash.

  • 5 - Power Source

    The issue of powering an external device has come up, I simply use a cigarette lighter adaptor, however I have been told it is possible to wire up a system to power on and off with the stereo.