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    I use Ubuntu linux on one of my computers. I will keep track of any issues I come across here.

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  • Laptop

    I have aquired a laptop and am going to try and run it using ubuntu as a platform to write up my thesis on. I will see how I get on.

    It has generally been very good and my laptop works well, apart from a few teething troubles. My biggest problems now are the wireless problem mentioned elsewhere on this page and the fact that gaim messenger crashes whenever someone messages me.

    added: 28th Oct 2006

  • DNS server failure

    I bought a new Linksys ADSL modem recently and my internet connection from linux completely vanished, although I could ping the internet nothing else seemed to work. It appears the problem is that the modem is not forwarding data from linux to the DNS servers. The fix is to remove the modem from the list of DNS servers and put on your ISPs instead. I found the solution on the Ubuntu Forums

    added: 30th Sep 2006

  • Power Off Button

    With the new version of Ubuntu (Dapper) pressing the power button on the computer brings up a shutdown menu. I want it to just shutdown as I do not normally have a monitor plugged into this machine.

    The only way to do it at the minute is through the gconf-editor program. Run gconf-editor from a terminal and you will find the power button option under apps>gnome-power-manager, it gives you the options when you click on it.

    added: 30th Sep 2006