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    Firefox 2 if you don't already use firefox, then why not?
    Here I note down tips and tricks I find out about this browser.

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  • Force Link to Open in New Tab

    Firefox 1.5 had an option to force links designed to open in new windows to open in a new tab instead.
    This option has vanished in firefox 2.

    • To apply this option type 'about:config' in the address bar to get the firefox config.
    • Type 'browser.link' into the filter bar
    • The following three options should be shown:
      • browser.link.open_external
      • browser.link.open_newwindow
      • browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction
    • The default values are: 3;2;2 respetively
    • To open new windows in a new tab change browser.link.open_newwindow to 3

    That is it, it should now open all new window links in a new tab.

    added: 12th Apr 2007