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    A list of parts that I used to make a single unit

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    I am still putting this data together

    added: 28th Apr 2008

  • Electronics

    Part Description Quantity Farnell Part Number
    lm3404 LED driver 1 1320973
    LED (CREE Xlamp) LED, CREE Xlamp. These are updated regularly so check for newer versions before buying 1 1440715
    L1 (22uH) Inductor / Choke 1 8094829
    D1 Diode 1 364447
    Rsns Feedback Resistor, the size of this resistor determines the current flow through the LED, I have replaced this with two Resistors and a switch to select between the two. The Farnell code is for the resistor which gives the full 1A load. 1 1219190
    Lenses The standard lenses for the XLAMP LEDs give a 6 degree spread. You can however buy diffusers of various values to widen the beam. 1 1380861
    28mm to 25mm Copper Pipe Plumbing Join as case 1 N/A

    added: 27th Apr 2008