• 2 - Stereo

    The stereo I have is a Grundig 5201 RDS, I found from the instructions that this has an AUX mode which can be used to plug in an ordinary CD player or mp3 player.

    Here I show how I removed the stereo, the connector that I used and the position of the connector

  • Dashboard


    This is how my dashboard looked prior to doing the work:

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • Removing the radio

    Removing the radio

    The first step is to remove the radio from the dash, a special tool is needed to do this which is available from any car audio outlet. You simply insert the tool in the holes in each end and pull.

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • The back of the stereo

    The back of the stereo

    At the back of the stereo there are three plugs:

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • The correct plug

    The correct plug

    The plug we are interested in is the blue one, this will be connected to a multichanger socket in your boot or glove box. I could not trace the far end of this cable so I cut it off about 10cm down.

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • Placing the Connector

    Placing the Connector

    Next I took one of the buttons off the dash from between the electric window buttons simply by levering it off with my key. It is possible to run the cable to the glove box on the drivers side if you don't fancy permanent changes.

    added: 14th Oct 2004