• 3 - Wiring

    Here I describe which wires from the stereo go to where.

  • The Cable

    The Cable

    Stripping back the sheilding on the cable cut from the car reveals 6 cables and an earth contact.

    The cables have the following functions:

    Yellow, Green, Blue - Unneeded

    The other three are all grey and are further sheilded, they are further described by the colour of the internal cable

    Black: CD changer control

    The sheilding from this cable is shorted to the main sheilding and is the main CD changer ground.

    White and Red, left and right audio.

    The sheilding from these cables are common audio ground.

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • AUX Mode

    AUX Mode

    The first task is to make the stereo aware of the presence of an auxiliary device. This is done by shorting the CD changer control to ground. This mean winding together and soldering the black cable to its sheild and the main sheild. Once this is done the cable can be plugged back into the car and the AUX mode should be available by pressing the 'source APF' button.

    Next the audio has to be wired, this is a simple matter of attaching some audio cable to the audio wires coming from the stereo. Simply solder red to red, white to white (or blue) and sheild to sheild.

    Next I finished the audio by installing and wiring in a 3.5mm stereo jack to the dash

    added: 14th Oct 2004