• Preparing the Switch

    Preparing the Switch

    I took the switch out of the dash and drilled an 8mm hole, next I threaded the audio cable through the hole:

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • Attaching the Socket

    Attaching the Socket

    Next I attached the end of the audio cable to the 3.5mm chasis socket, I can't tell you which is left and right, you will just have to work it out, the largest connecter is ground.

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • Finished Switch

    Finished Switch

    The chasis socket then fits neatly into the hole, a little glue will stop it coming out again.

    added: 14th Oct 2004

  • Finished Product

    Finished Product

    Next pass all the cable through the hole in the dash where the switch came from and plug the cable into the stereo, then push the switch back in.

    Voila, one socket wired straight to the stereo. A 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable allows any portable music device to be plugged in.

    added: 14th Oct 2004