• CSS Bugs

    As you may be able to tell I have written this website myself. As much as possible was written in CSS, I therefore used a lot of divs and CSS styles to get the layout right.

    Looking at the CSS standards and getting the page to work in firefox was not too hard. The struggle was getting it to look the same in internet explorer.

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  • Lists in Firefox

    I have just come across a difference in Firefox and Internet Explorer which I don't think can be counted as a bug in either but is still annoying.
    When creating a list firefox has a default padding-left of 2.5em on the ul element. This needs to be changed for both browsers to look the same.

    added: 19th Sep 2006

  • Internet Explorer

    I am still developing the template for this site, however the main layout is complete for now. I am happy that this looks as I intended it to in firefox and near enough in internet explorer 6. I have not yet checked with any other browsers to find further problems.

    I have given in trying to describe the CSS problems I have with internet explorer, I would spend as much time writing about them as trying to solve them.

    I suggest you look at sites such as position is everything to find the most common bugs.

    Just when I was getting it all sorted, they go and release a new version of internet explorer in which they have fixed some of the bugs and implemented some of the missing features. At least we now have png support and the min-width and min-height commands work.
    currently I am happy with my site in firefox, it seems to be OK in ie7 and it seems to be ok in opera, but I have not thoroughly checked that yet. It is OK in ie6 until you shrink the screen too much then it goes crazy because there is no support for minimum width and I am fed up with bug fixes for outdated browsers that didn't work properly in the first place. So if you are using ie6, at the very least update to ie7 but preferably get firefox.

    added: 3rd Nov 2004