• 1 - Mounting the Chip

    The first step in modifying (modding) the xbox is to physically open the box and solder the chip in.

  • Xecuter 2.6CE and Xbox 1.6

    Xecuter 2.6CE and Xbox 1.6

    I fitted an Xecuter 2.6CE to an Xbox 1.6, unfortunately the tutorials I used to do this have since disappeared.

    There are however a few tips and tricks I would suggest to make the installation a little bit easier, if you can find a tutorial.

    A parts list for the 2.6 CE can be found on the xbox-scene website.

    Make sure you use the PCB rebuild kit (the small circuit board) instead of manually soldering wires to the board, it is much easier.

    Good luck finding a new tutorial, I will post one if I find one at some stage.

    To test your new modchip, plug in the power and AV cables and turn on your xbox, you should get blue LED light from your mod chip, a green LED lit on the switch panel (if it is red turn off your Xbox and flip the first switch to 'enabled'). As you have not got a DVD or hard disk plugged in your Power / Eject light will flash green and orange. If this all works there is a good chance your mod chip is in correctly.

    Plug your hard disk and DVD drive back in and move on to Installing a Bios.

    added: 8th Mar 2005