• 2 - Installing a Bios

    Once the mod chip is installed and the Xbox is back in one piece the next step is to install a bios.

  • Xbox Binaries

    There is now a problem in that there is only one fully working compiler for the xbox, microsoft's. In order to use this software you need a licence which you are not going to get.

    Compiled programs for the XBox will most likely have been compiled with an illegal version of the microsoft compiler and are therefore illegal. Noone will host these illegal binaries on their website.

    If you still want to get hold of a bios, instructions can be found on the xbox-scene website as to how to get xbox binaries.

    added: 7th Mar 2005

  • Bios File

    Bios File

    You need to get a bios which is appropriate for your chip and Xbox version. Have a look around at what is available, however there are not many bioses which work for a 1.6 XBox, I happen to know that the EvoX M8plus 1.6 bios does work. I flash bios utility will allow you to overwrite the bios again and again so if you want more than one go at this (which you probably will), I would also get a flash bios utility such as the latest version of cromwell.

    Once you have the bios files you need to create a 1024kb flash file for upload, an easy way to do this is using X2BM. Familiarize yourself with this utility and load cromwell into the first two slots and the M8 bios into the second two (the M8 bios doesn't work in the first bank). Save your new bios, you should now have a 1024kb bios file.

    added: 7th Mar 2005

  • Transfer and Startup

    Transfer and Startup

    You now need to transfer this file to your XBox and flash it. Before you start make sure your switches are set up correctly. They should be Enabled; Unprotected; Bank 1. The tutorial on how to flash your bios has also vanished, sorry, it is not too hard though, just turn your xbox on with the settings above and follow the onscreen instructions. The simplest way of flashing your XBox is over HTTP, the other work just as well however.

    That is it, your Xbox should boot up, make sure you change your switches to Enabled; Protected; Bank 2 and turn it on. You should get the startup sequence from the original bios with the evox symbol in the corner.

    Your Xbox should now boot games (you will have to put a DVD in and restart your Xbox), the modchip will not however boot originals, if you disable the modchip you can run originals with the original chip.

    However if you want to be able to connect to your Xbox, install software such as media players and backup your games, you will need a new dashboard.

    added: 7th Mar 2005