• 3 - Xbox Dashboard

    The Xbox has a sort of operating system called the dashboard, the dashboard runs when there is no game in the drive. You will need a new dashboard to run programs from your Xbox.

  • Summary

    For the purposes of installing a dashboard, the xbox and bios version do not matter. You can run an xbox without a dashboard, however a dashboard will extend the capabilities of your xbox enormously.

    Once you have a dashboard you can install media players, games and also some emulators for those old school games (look on xbins).

    Note: Your Xbox will not read CD-R media, use CD-RW or DVD-R/W only

    added: 6th Mar 2005

  • EvoX


    A nice simple dashboard which allows you to connect to your XBox through FTP and run programs is EvoX. To get EvoX get on to Xbins

    For a tutorial on installing the EvoX dashboard check out xbox-scene. I would recommend using EvoX to start with, it is nice and simple to set up and use.

    added: 6th Mar 2005

  • XBMC


    For a much more complete solution have a look at XBox Media Centre (XBMC). If you want to, and I would recommend this, you can use XBMC as a dashboard, get your XBox working with EvoX first though.

    added: 6th Mar 2005