• To Do

    To Do

    A list of things still to do on my website

Web Site Menu

  • Frame Overlay

    Design a png frame which can be laid over images to create a frame. The difficulty is in stretching the frame if the image is not of a standard size.

    added: 17th Feb 2007

  • Navigation Overlay

    Create an overlay for my gallery which allows navigation by clicking on the left or right of the image.

    added: 17th Feb 2007

  • Cross Browser Support

    Cross Browser Support

    Check how site looks in IE6 /IE7 and Firefox (Opera?)
    As in spend loads of time sorting out bugs in IE.

    All sorted except for lack of min-width in ie6 means page goes crazy if shrunk too much

    added: 7th Dec 2006

  • Admin Area

    Admin Area

    Password Protect Admin Area

    added: 7th Dec 2006

  • Standards


    Check HTML and CSS validity throughout

    added: 7th Dec 2006

  • Menus and Submenus

    Menus and Submenus

    Ensure all menu images exist

    added: 7th Dec 2006